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 Fiber Cable Manufacturer, Fiber Cable Supplier

We know the complete specification of ADSS cable is: fiber core number, fiber type, span tension, sheath type.First of all, you asked me how much is the price of 24-core ADSS cable, I do not know how to answer, because I do not know how much span you need, the span of ADSS cable is determined by the tension of this project and the distance between the two poles.This parameter needs to be determined, the second is not clear what ADSS cable is the sheath, ADSS cable sheath has two kinds: PE sheath and AT sheath, PE sheath is the voltage 110KN below the environment, AT sheath is the voltage 110KN above the environment.As for fiber types, ADSS cables are basically single-mode because of the long transmission distance.The above parameters are clear before the manufacturer can quote according to the overall specifications of the parameters, calculate the price of 24 - core ADSS cable.

The structure of 24 - core ADSS cable is layer - stranded.It is all medium non-metallic power cable.The center reinforcement is FRP, if it is a 24-core ADSS cable, the structure is 5+1, which can be 2 loose sleeves (1 loose sleeve has 12 optical fibers: blue, orange, green, brown, gray, white, red, black, yellow, purple, pink, turquoise) +3 filler ropes +1 non-metallic FRP center reinforcement.Of course, according to the requirements of the customer, for example, for the convenience of the construction site, it is also possible to put 6 optical fibers in 1 loose sleeve, in that case, 4 loose sleeves (one loose sleeve has 6 optical fibers) +1 filling rope +1 non-metallic FRP center reinforcement.The filling rope is used to round the cable.The span tension of ADSS fiber optic cable, the material Aramid yarn plays a decisive role.Oufu cable manufacturers can do more than 1000 meters span.All use imported Aramid yarn: du pont of the United States and the tei jin of Japan, the price of imported Aramid yarn  is very expensive, oufu cable plant will not cut corners, cheat customers.ADSS cable can be made into single-layer sheath and double-layer sheath, but I recommend the use of double sheath over 100 meters span, long span is not recommended to use single sheath.On the other hand, many manufacturers not only use the aramid yarn with poor domestic quality but also make the ADSS cable with single sheath in order to reduce the price of raw materials.Fiber optic cable market transparent and mixed, what kind of, there are brands of "leather bag company", there are reselling recycled fiber optic cable refurbishment fiber optic cable manufacturers, the price is also a significant gap, the customer is advised to know more about fiber optic cable manufacturers, do not blindly worry order.Otherwise the consequences are very serious.

If you see this article you have 24 core ADSS cable demand, want to know the price of 24 core ADSS cable, you can contact me, I am the oufu cable factory sales manager, I will be responsible for the customer, responsible for our products.Oufu fiber optic cable commitment, quality problems package replacement, warranty than the same fiber optic cable more than 3 years.

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