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ADSS cable and high - voltage transmission line set up in the same tower

ADSS optical cable is the most commonly used optical cable in power communication at present.Because of the strong electric field around the high-voltage transmission line, the ADSS cable exposed to the strong electric field for a long time is vulnerable to the damage of electric corrosion.In the line with voltage grade of 110kV and above, the electrical corrosion damage of ADSS optical cable is one of the main problems in operation and maintenance.Electric corrosion damage is difficult to be found in the process of patrol, prone to fracture after the ADSS cable electric corrosion damage, especially in the "three across" (across different high-speed railway, highway, across the important transmission lines), if the cable fault, will bring traffic and transmission lines may cause great potential safety hazard serious when trains, major accidents and serious consequences, such as blackouts.

A power ADSS cable in the chengle section of the chengli section of the cheng-guizhou high-speed railway broke, damaging the pantograph of the train and causing the train to stop running for 2 hours.Therefore, with the cooperation of chengdu power supply section of the railway bureau, chengdu power supply company launched a three-month hidden trouble control work of ADSS optical cable crossing the high-speed railway, and completed the investigation, relocation and dismantling of all ADSS optical cable crossing the high-speed railway lines in the company's jurisdiction.According to dong thap ADSS cable and transmission line and plane design method, ADSS communication optical cable line crossing construction new technology, such as research methods and features of ADSS cable construction has introduced more, but for the removal of ADSS cable across the three experience are rarely mentioned, so this article first ADSS cable and high voltage transmission line with erection of towers operation problem, and then introduced with chengdu railway bureau joint the ADSS cable crossing the line parameter, point by point moved to and removal scheme determined, demolishing scheme optimization, the demolition of crossing the line, etc., to provide reference for other cities electric power supply company across the cable.According to the long-term operation practice of ADSS optical cable of chengdu power supply company, when ADSS optical cable and high-voltage transmission line are erected in the same tower, they are easy to suffer from the cable corrosion fault, resulting in cable breaking accident.ADSS cable in high voltage transmission line after a long run on the road, on the surface of the fiber by its stain and dirt, and various kinds of air pollution, the influence of the space under the action of potential difference, the formation of dry band arc, arc produces high quantity of heat, make outer sheath surface temperature, produce tree mark shape electric mark, arc slowly continues to function until burn through the outer sheath, aramid yarn, resulting in cable rupture.The ADSS optical cable electrical corrosion is not easy to detect in the early stage, the late rapid deterioration, and has unpredictability, if the optical cable electrical corrosion occurs in the "three span" position, the broken optical cable may cause high-speed train suspension expressway traffic accidents, large areas of power failure and other serious social impact and safety events.

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