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Multimode optical fiber is generally divided into OM1,62.5/125 multimode optical fiber.OM2,50/125 multimode optical fiber,OM3, om3-150 multimode optical fiber,OM3, om3-300 multimode optical fiber,OM3, om3-500 multimode optical fiber.Or the multimode fiber can be divided into European standard and American standard according to the diameter of the center light transmission part.

The multimode fiber core is relatively thick (50 or 62.5 m) and can transmit a variety of modes of light.However, the large inter-mode dispersion limits the frequency of transmitting digital signals, which is more serious as the distance increases.Therefore, the distance of multi-mode optical fiber transmission is relatively close, generally only a few kilometers.

In multi - mode optical cable, multi - mode optical fiber with the letter how?For example, the models "gyta-4a1", "gyta-4a1a" and "gyta-4a1b", in which "A1" refers to multimode optical fiber, which is mainly distinguished from multimode optical fiber, but it is not clear what multimode optical fiber is.A1a represents a 50/125 multimode fiber."A1b" represents 62.5/125 multimode fiber.

So the more specific the model, we can clearly know the meaning of this model, we can know what kind of cable customers need.Only clearly know the customer needs optical cable, we can be more specific to the customer for quotation.General customers are not clear, can not distinguish between single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber.Or general customers know multimode fiber, but can not distinguish the specific classification of multimode fiber.We meet a lot of clients who ask questions."Can 50/125 multimode fiber and 62.5/125 multimode fiber be used together?"Because the two kinds of optical fiber core is different, different transceiver equipment, the two kinds of multi-mode optical fiber is not fusion use.The two multimode fibers also have different transmission distances.Multi-mode fiber (62.5 125) gigabit transmission distance of only 275 meters, fiber or multi-mode fiber (50 125), gigabit transmission distance of 550 meters.Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the two types of multimode fiber.

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