Fiber Cable Manufacturer, Fiber Cable Supplier

 Fiber Cable Manufacturer, Fiber Cable Supplier

The so-called non-metallic optical cable, is no metal reinforcement, no metal armor, all non-metallic material optical cable.The non - metallic optical cable as long as used in what occasions.

Non-metal optical cable without metal structure, anti - electromagnetic, lightning performance is good, anti - static, strong area, overhead.Especially suitable for power system, multi - lightning and electromagnetic interference serious occasions, can be introduced optical cable.Long-distance communication, inter-office communication and optical cable into the office.General non-metallic optical cable models have GYFTY, gyftzy. ADSS optical cable is also a non-metallic optical cable.Fiber cores can be produced from 2-288 cores.

The gytfy-24b1 nonmetallic optical cable adopts a loose sheath laminar winch structure. The fiber is embedded in a loose sleeve made of high-modulus polyester material, which is filled with waterproof compounds.The loose sleeve (and filling rope) is twisted around the non-metal center strengthening core (FRP) to form a compact cable core. The gap in the cable core is filled with water blocking ointment.Polyethylene sheath is extruded from cable core.

The design of non-metallic optical cable fully considers the actual situation of lightning and high voltage, GYFTY structure without any metal material, suitable for lightning zone, high voltage zone, electromagnetic interference serious places, simple installation.Generally used in areas where it is difficult to lay.

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