Fiber Cable Manufacturer, Fiber Cable Supplier

 Fiber Cable Manufacturer, Fiber Cable Supplier

Product description:

The fiber optic cable is mostly single core, double core structure, also can be made of four core structure, cross section is 8-shaped, reinforcing parts are located in the center of two circles, can be used metal or non-metal structure, optical fiber is located in the geometric center of 8-shaped.The inner fiber of the leather fiber optic cable adopts g. 657 small bending radius fiber, which can be laid with a bending radius of 20mm. It is suitable for entering the house in the building by means of pipeline or luminescent line.The optical communication unit (optical fiber) is in the center, two parallel non-metal reinforcing parts (FRP) or metal reinforcing members are placed on both sides, and finally, the black or color polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or low-smoke halogen free material (LSZH, low-smoke, halogen free, flame retardant) is extruded into the sheath.

Picture of fiber optic cable product of pipeline leather line:

Characteristics of fiber optic cable with pipe skin line:

· special bendable optical fiber to provide greater bandwidth and enhance network transmission performance;

· two parallel FRP or metal stiffeners make the fiber optic cable have good compression resistance and protect the fiber;

· simple structure, light weight, strong practicability;

· unique groove design, easy to peel off, convenient connection, easy installation and maintenance;

· low smoke halogen-free flame retardant polyethylene sheath or flame retardant PVC sheath, environmental protection.

· it can be matched with a variety of on-site connectors and can be terminated on-site.

Application range of optical cable for pipe skin line:

For indoor wiring;

Used for optical connection of optical communication equipment room, optical distribution frame and optical instrument and equipment;

Used for pigtail and patch cord;

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